Enjoy, explore and preserve our reservoirs

South Australia’s reservoir reserves are places of stunning natural beauty and are being progressively opened for people to visit and enjoy. As you explore each destination, be sure to play your part in preserving these picturesque places that store our water supply and are home to an array of plants and wildlife.

Dogs are not welcome at reservoir reserves in South Australia as they can carry harmful organisms that can easily contaminate the water and present a risk to the safety of the drinking water. Dogs also pose a threat to the local native animals.

These reserves and the reservoirs within are water catchment and storage areas supplying drinking water across South Australia, so please Enjoy. Explore. Preserve. without your pets. Assistance animals serving people living with a disability are accepted.

As sites are opened, check back to see what you can do in South Australia’s reservoir reserves.

Make the most of South Australia’s reservoir reserves

Top tips for when you enjoy, explore and preserve these unique spaces.