Acknowledgement of Country

We pay respect to the traditional custodians and carers of the land. We acknowledge the cultural and spiritual connection Aboriginal people have to land and water and the importance to cultural vitality, life and identity. We also pay respect to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people and their nations in South Australia, and across Australia.

Play your part in preservation

Our reservoir reserves offer access to special parts of South Australia.

Opening these reserves to South Australians gives you the opportunity to enjoy and explore, as well as preserve for future generations.

Water stored in our reservoirs provides more than 40 per cent of the safe, clean drinking water from taps in South Australian homes and businesses. The conditions of access for reservoir reserves ensure everyone has a great experience, and our drinking water continues to be clean and safe to drink.

Reservoir reserves are also home to special plants and animals, including vulnerable and endangered species.

Remember, reservoir reserves belong to everyone so please enjoy, explore and preserve when you visit.