South Australia’s reservoir reserves are special places of natural beauty, brimming with native flora and fauna that help nurture a range of diverse ecosystems.

Across these spaces, there are around 20,000 hectares of land that are managed every day to protect and enhance the natural environment.

The sustained conservation of our reservoir reserves and catchment areas plays a critical role in protecting our water sources, to ensure a safe supply of drinking water.

As well as contributing to water quality in catchment areas, fostering biodiversity by planting native vegetation cultivates habitat for wildlife – like the 167 native fauna species that call Mount Bold Reservoir Reserve home.

Over the past 10 years, millions of native plants have been planted to help restore natural habitat across our reservoir reserves and revegetation forms part of a wider land management program that is helping preserve the natural environment, which also includes:

  • improving the health of our catchment areas and ecosystems
  • conducting controlled burns to reduce the risk bushfire and promote regeneration
  • removing non-native plants and animals to prevent their spread.

Hosting commercial forestry plantations

Some reservoir reserves host commercial pine plantations managed by ForestrySA.

ForestrySA’s commercial operations across South Australia produce high quality timber for range of structural and non-structural products, and support significant employment and provide stimulus for local economies.

ForestrySA operates a sustainable plantation forestry business, cultivating and regenerating forests to provide a renewable resource. Learn more about the 40 year cycle of growing and managing a commercial forest – from seedling to harvest – at ForestrySA’s website.