Home to beautiful landscapes and unique flora and fauna, our reservoir reserves are opening for everyone to enjoy and explore. Preserving their natural beauty remains vital as people enjoy these spaces for a range of recreational activities.

It’s our shared responsibility to foster a healthy and sustainable environment, and apart from doing your bit when you visit, there are opportunities to get more hands on.

Through our volunteering program, you can join a group of like-minded people playing an active part in caring for your local reservoir reserve. As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside other volunteers, as well as SA Water, to care for the reserves and enhance the experience for visitors.

Volunteering opportunities will be available at a number of reservoir reserves, each tailored to the local environment and recreational activities at each site, and may include:

  • habitat improvement and weed control
  • revegetation, involving seed collection, propagation and planting
  • sharing information and displays at community events
  • biodiversity research, including flora and fauna identification, surveys and monitoring.

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to know more, please register your interest by emailing reservoirs@sawater.com.au.

Your support as part of our volunteering community will help us protect and nurture these special places, ensuring a thriving natural environment for South Australians and the continued supply of safe, clean drinking water.