Entry to an SA Water site is subject to the following conditions, unless expressly agreed by SA Water.

Access conditions


(a) When on an SA Water site, it is your general obligation to act reasonably and responsibly and be considerate of others.

(b) When on an SA Water site, you must comply with any directions given by SA Water personnel or with instructions shown on any signs.

(c) When on an SA Water site, you must carry valid identification.

(d) When on an SA Water site, you are responsible for your own health and safety. You must look out for hazards on land and in the water, such as uneven surfaces, submerged objects, fallen branches, native fauna or sharp objects.

(e) You may only enter or exit an SA Water site by the entrance or exit provided unless there is an emergency.

(f) You must leave all areas and facilities as you found them, take all rubbish or ensure you place it in bins, if provided.

(g) You may only access SA Water land and waters designated for public access, as gazetted and indicated by signs or other site markers.

Opening hours and closures

(h) You may only enter an SA Water site during opening hours. Outside these times, you must not enter or remain on an SA Water site. Unless indicated otherwise, opening hours are as follows:

  • 7.30am - 5pm (Standard Time)
  • 7.30am - 8pm (Daylight Saving Time)
  • Closed on Total Fire Ban Days and for operational activity (gates will be closed).

Regardless of signage, SA Water sites will be closed in the following circumstances:

  • when the gates are closed/locked
  • Total Fire Ban Days (as determined by the Country Fire Service)
  • maintenance, operational and repair activities
  • where necessary to undertake proper land management work
  • in the interest of public safety

(i) SA Water may instruct you to immediately leave an SA Water site, where you have breached the access conditions, where SA Water reasonably suspects access conditions have been breached or for any other safety or operational related reason.

Fishing conditions

(j) Fishing access is only permitted for the purpose of recreational fishing and is subject to the following:

  • you must only fish at sites and within areas designed for the purpose of fishing
  • a current recreational fishing permit is required to fish at sites where fishing is permitted
  • children of 16 years and under do not require a permit if onsite with a permit holder
  • you must comply with the conditions of the fishing permit at all times

Watercraft conditions

(k) Access for water-based activities may only be undertaken in designated reservoirs and within identified areas in accordance with the following:

  • only kayaks and canoes are permitted, including:
    • inflatable kayaks complying with ISO 6185-1 and carrying the following badge
  • folding kayaks manufactured from corflute or coroplast are not permitted
  • electric or fuel powered motors, or sails, are not permitted on canoes and kayaks
  • an approved lifejacket Levels 100 or higher, Level 50 or 50S must be worn at all times, be of an appropriate size for the wearer and properly adjusted
  • watercraft may only be launched from designated areas as indicated on signage, and must not be:
    • used in a manner that is not intended or that results in deliberate body immersion in the water such as falling into the water
    • equipped with a marine or other toilet
    • used in a way that causes undue disturbance or cause annoyance to any person fishing from land or from another vessel
    • used in a way to cause nuisance or disturbance to wildlife
    • used in a dangerous fashion or in a way or at a speed that is likely to cause injury
    • painted with tar, creosote or other phenolic compounds

Non-permitted activities

(l) You must not do any of the following on an SA Water site:

  • swim or enter the water or other infrastructure containing water, unless it is designated as permitted
  • behave in a disorderly, indecent, offensive, threatening, or insulting manner or create any disturbance
  • act in a disrespectful way to any SA Water people or other community members
  • cause, directly or indirectly, damage or interference to any SA Water property or property belonging to another person
  • do anything that interferes with the safety of the public or SA Water’s people
  • operate any device at a volume likely to cause a nuisance
  • litter, pollute or discharge substances likely to pollute land or waters
  • damage or interfere with any plants or animals including removing plant material
  • damage, disturb or interfere with sites of cultural or historical significance
  • intentionally disturb the soil, rocks or cause erosion, including fossicking, metal detecting and any digging
  • erect any structures
  • collect firewood
  • possess, handle or discharge a firearm or other weapon
  • possess, carry or use explosives or fireworks
  • allow an animal you own or is under your control (except assistance dogs) to enter, remain or be left on SA Water land or waters
  • smoke
  • urinate or defecate other than in designated toilet facilities
  • camp
  • start a fire or leave a fire unattended (gas BBQs are permitted)
  • allow a vehicle to go at a speed greater than indicated by a sign or in a dangerous manner
  • allow a vehicle to be driven or parked in a place, other than in a designated parking space, where the vehicle may be a nuisance or cause disruption or after you have been requested by SA Water to move the vehicle

Activities requiring authorisation via lease, licence or permit

(m) The following activities can only be undertaken on SA Water’s land when authorised by SA Water by lease, licence or permit (apply via Special Public Access Request):

  • filming, videotaping or taking photographs not for personal use
  • conducting tours for a fee or other commercial purpose
  • conducting any competitive event
  • selling, hiring goods or offering goods for sale or hire
  • conducting research or other scientific surveys or experiments
  • conducting any commercial activity
  • conducting or holding formal or community events
  • distributing or affixing any written material to SA Water property
  • using any aircraft, including drones or other remotely piloted aircraft including in the air space over the reservoir land or its waters
  • rock climbing or abseiling


Infringement or non-compliance with access conditions may result in an expiation of $315, or a maximum penalty of $2,500.

SA Water may recover from you expenses incurred to fix a breach of the conditions of access or damages for a loss suffered.

Key terms

Designated area’ refers to an area defined by SA Water for a particular purpose.

Reservoir reserve’ refers to an area of land surrounding a reservoir under the care and control of SA Water.

‘SA Water site’ means all land (including fixtures) and water owned by or under the control of SA Water

SA Water people’ means all SA Water employees, contractors and those authorised to undertake work for SA Water.

SA Water property’ means all property owned or under the control of SA Water, whether fixed to the land or not.

‘Permit’ means a permit issued by SA Water or another entity for certain activities.

‘You’ includes a partnership, association, body of persons, corporate or unincorporated or an individual.

‘Vehicle’ is any object designed for movement upon wheels.

‘Vessel’ is any object used or designed to be used on water or in navigation.