Before visiting a reservoir reserve please check the relevant reservoir page for up to date site notifications and information.

Entry to SA Water land and waters is subject to conditions of access. Non-compliance with your recreational fishing permit or site access conditions may result in access being withdrawn suspended and/or the permit being cancelled.


(a) You must comply with all conditions of access when on a SA Water site.

(b) You must have your valid permit with you whenever you are fishing or carrying fishing gear at a reservoir.

(c) You may only fish from areas designated as available for fishing as gazetted and indicated on site signs and markers.

(d) You must not wade into the water above knee height.

(e) You must adhere to all relevant legislation when accessing a reservoir reserve including the Fisheries Act 2007 and associated regulations the Harbours and Navigation Act 1993 and environmental acts and regulations.

(f) While on a SA Water reservoir reserve you must comply with the any directions given by SA Water or Council personnel or with instructions shown on any signs.

(g) You may only access and remain on SA Water land and waters during opening hours. Unless indicated otherwise opening hours are as follows:

  • 1 October – 30 March 7.30am - 8pm
  • 1 April – 30 September 7.30am - 5pm

Regardless of signage, SA Water’s reservoir reserves will be closed in the following circumstances:

  • when the gates are closed/locked
  • Christmas Day
  • Total Fire Ban days (as determined by the Country Fire Service)
  • maintenance operational and repair activities
  • where necessary to undertake land management works
  • in interest of public safety.

(h) Only ‘rod and reel’ fishing is permitted. Fishing nets or traps are not permitted (i.e. for yabbying or other like purposes).

(i) Hand-cranked electric reels may be used where fitted to a conventional recreational fishing rod commercial fishing equipment is not permitted.

(j) If using bait, you must bring your own to site bait must not be collected from the reservoir reserve. Fishing with artificial lures and flies is permitted and preferred. The use of burley and/or fish attractants (including liquid spray on or scented attractants) or baits associated with netting and trapping is prohibited.

(k) Fish must not be cleaned at the reservoir reserve nor any part of the fish (alive or dead) left at the reservoir. Please use the fishing waste bins provided.

(l) Carp, redfin and other prescribed (non-native) species are not to be returned to the water and must be removed from site or disposed of in fishing bins provided. Native species may only be returned to the water alive.

(m) This permit is for recreational fishing only you must not sell your catch.

(n) You must leave all areas and facilities as you found them take all rubbish with you or place in bins if provided.
Permit Holders acknowledge and accept that:

(a) Entry to the reservoir reserve and undertaking recreational activities is at your own risk. On entering and using the site you agree to indemnify SA Water (including employees, contractors and assignees) from any and all claims associated with the issue or use of the permit and/or access to the reservoir.

(b) Consumption of fish caught at the reservoir is at your own risk.

(c) In making the reservoir available for recreation, SA Water offers no guarantees as to the suitability of the reservoir for fishing or watercraft (where authorised).