If you wish to access land around our reservoirs for purposes beyond the recreational activities on offer, please complete the below information and email reservoirs@sawater.com.au so your request can be considered.

All proposed activities will be rigorously assessed to ensure they do not compromise SA Water’s safety, water quality, environmental and operational values.

Requests must be submitted at least four weeks before the proposed date to access the site/s.

Information required

First name


Phone number

Email address

Organisation type: Government, Educational, Not-for-profit, Commercial, Other, please specify

Date/s you want to access the reservoir reserve/s

Location: Please provide a detailed description of the location and/or attached a map/s indicating the area/s you wish to access

Details of your request: Please include as much detail as possible about the proposed activity including proximity to the reservoir, use of any materials or equipment, number of people involved, if anything will be removed from or left on site, if you are requesting supervised or unsupervised access, and any other relevant details.