Visitors to South Australia’s reservoir reserves will now find it easier to access accurate information about walking trails, using the popular free Avenza maps app.

Avenza map thumbnail

Comprehensive maps of every reservoir reserve open to the public are now only a click away, being easily accessible on the app. This includes the recent expansion of new trails at Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve, as well as the newly established trail network at Mount Bold.

Serious hikers are also catered for, with the new Southern Barossa Linkage trail map newly available on Avenza. The Southern Barossa Linkage trail network comprises a 9.5km trail which links the South Para and Warren reservoir reserves, as well as a second trail linking South Para to nearby Williamstown. Visitors can connect to camping grounds, explore more challenging hikes and access a range of activities like picnicking, cycling and fishing.

The maps are georeferenced, so visitors use the app and use their smartphone GPS to navigate the reserve. Because Avenza uses your device’s built-in GPS to locate you, it works even when you’re out of range of a network or internet connection.

This means that visitors enjoying our reservoir reserves will be able to access the most up-to-date and accurate map showing trails, services and all the right information easily, rather than relying on Google. As you walk or ride through a reserve, a blue dot follows you in real time to show your current location. You can even zoom in, mark points of interest and attach photographs so you’ll be able to remember where you spotted the breeding pair of Wedge-Tail Eagles or got the best view over the dam wall. Get the app for iOS and Android.