A new nature playground at the picturesque metropolitan Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve is now open for the kids to enjoy, adding to the 4.9 kilometres of trail already on offer for leisurely family walks and bike rides.

The playground features log climbing scrambles, stepping stones and logs, wooden tepees, balancing logs and a nature play creek bed – combining adventure and nature for a fun day out with the little ones.

Picnic tables, chairs and drinking fountains, as well as plenty of grass to run around on or kick a ball, surround the nature playground in the north-western corner of the reserve, which provides stunning views over the reservoir towards the hills.

It's part of an additional $170,000 investment at the site that's also added three individual workout stations located in the same area of the reserve for anyone to access and break a sweat.

Exercise lovers can complement their run or walk with a range of workout options by using the static fitness equipment, including pull-up and push-up bars, leg raisers and abdominal workout benches.

Hope Valley's pull up bars