Community engagement is an important aspect of expanding recreational access across South Australia’s reservoir reserves, with the reservoirs team recently heading to Williamstown to host a series of sessions for people in and around the Barossa to participate in.

The opportunity was all about recognising what matters to those within the region when it comes to opening South Para Reservoir Reserve and expanding recreational access at Warren Reservoir Reserve. The sessions provided insights into future activities people would like to take part in, with bushwalking definitely one that generated a lot of interest.

With more than 40 people providing feedback on recreational access at the Warren and South Para reservoir reserves, the team were pleased to hear strong positive response about the opening of our reservoirs across the State.  

It was fantastic to also hear from local organisations, including Walking South Australia, Gawler Horse Trail Riders, Australian Horse Riders Association, RecFish SA, Gawler Scout Troop, and the Mayor of Barossa Council and the Southern Barossa Alliance.

Thank you to everyone who attended the sessions and we look forward to working together with the community into the future as we continue progressing this initiative.

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas related to the opening of our reservoirs, email us at reservoirs@sa.gov.au.