Three inspiring community groups will receive funding as part of this year's Reservoirs Partnership Program.

A new nature-based education program for home school families, a habitat improvement project for local fish and birdlife, and kayak training and tours for youth volunteers are the successful recipients of financial support as part of the Reservoirs Partnership Program.

This year, the program is providing around $20,000 in funding to help community groups host events or projects at South Australia’s reservoir reserves open for recreational access.

For the Home Education Network, it means the funding will enable them to connect children educated at home with nature and inspire outdoor learning through the delivery of their ‘Everywhere’s a Classroom’ event to home school families.

The event will include a full day’s worth of learning activities at Myponga Reservoir Reserve, harnessing the recreational potential of the beautiful green open space.

Families will have the chance to explore the site’s natural environment while participating in art projects, bike riding, bird watching and kayaking.

Among the other successful recipients are Operation Flinders Foundation through their kayak training and tours program at Myponga and South Para reservoirs, and OzFish Unlimited, who are planning a habitat improvement project to enhance biodiversity and water quality at Bundaleer and Warren reservoirs.

The three community groups demonstrated events and programs that champion environmental conservation, encourage recreation, and help educate communities on the importance of our natural environment and water sources.

A recipient of last year's funding round, Southern Barossa Alliance hosted their 'Reservoir Outdoor Adventure Race' at Warren Reservoir Reserve in October last year, pictured above.