Owners of Myponga General Store, Kevin and Vicki Addington, took a leap of faith six years ago when they relocated to the town to run its beating heart, and see more opportunity on the horizon.

After working in the public sector for 28 years in project management, Vicki wanted to pursue her dream of running a country general store and post office – and now the pair absolutely love living and working in Myponga.

“It’s a beautiful town with a very tightknit community and when the chips are down, we’re always there for each other,” Vicki said.

“We can’t wait to share our town with more tourists and visitors, and even enjoy the reservoir ourselves – we love the sound of all the different walking trails and I think cyclists and runners will be drawn to the area.”

“There are so many positives that come with opening the reservoir for recreational access, and it’s going to inject interest in the area and hopefully an increase in economic activity for local businesses,” Kevin said.

“Hopefully it’ll be busy enough that Vicki and I may have to start getting up early on a Sunday to open the store!”

Another local business with a close connection to the reservoir is Smiling Samoyed Brewery, which makes and packages all its beer on site at Myponga.

Venue Manager Karen Galvin (right) is confident the opening will drive more tourists to the area.

“It’s going to have massive benefits for the area and bring additional cultural and environmental tourism,” Karen said.

“We’ve recently had an increase in wedding enquiries, partly because people are enchanted by the reservoir and the attractive backdrop it provides.

“The brewery is coming up to its sixth-year anniversary, and we’re hopeful it’ll continue to flourish with the influx of tourists to the area – we have a personal connection with the reservoir, and I’m sure people will preserve its beauty.”

David Breach (below), a Myponga resident of 26 years, helps keep the locals nimble by teaching yoga, and can’t wait to complete his 30-minute daily walking challenge on the reserve’s new trails.

“My wife and I are extremely happy here, and we really like what will be happening with the reservoir – it’s a fantastic initiative and will be great for the town,” David said

“I think it’s going to bring a new vibe to Myponga and everyone I talk to is super positive about it. The brewery’s opening made a great difference for the town, but this will be a huge drawcard.

“People generally love to get out into the country, and with Myponga only an hour from the city, a visit is even more attractive!”