If you ask them, there’s nobody luckier than Myponga Reservoir’s caretakers. They enjoy breathtaking views each day as they maintain biodiversity in the catchment and protect the quality and safety of our drinking water supplies, and are pleased to show Myponga’s natural beauty to new visitors.

SA Water Senior Construction and Maintenance Worker Benjamin Bellen has been based at the reservoir for seven years, and loves the diversity of roles his team enjoys each day.

“No two days are the same. One day we’re completing inspections of the dam wall and clearing weeds and introduced plant species, the next we’re collecting water samples to help ensure safe, clean water for the community,” Benjamin said.

“We’re a small part of a big picture, and that gives us a sense of helping our community to thrive.

“I love the fresh air and working so close to nature, and it’ll be great to see others enjoy what we do each day.”

Steven Pawelski is part of Benjamin’s team at Myponga and is clocking up his 40th year with SA Water. He also happens to live in the town, right against the edge of the reserve, so has a quick commute to work.

“It’s amazing – you can go two minutes down the road in the reserve and it’s like you’ve escaped reality,” Steven said.

“I have to remind myself that I’m at work; you can be so close, yet feel so far away and become engrossed in the glorious nature and wildlife around you.

“Myponga is about peace and tranquillity, so I think visitors will be able to truly connect with nature.”

Construction and Maintenance Worker Stewart Dahms said one of his favourite aspects of working at Myponga is seeing the sun rising over the water.

“The water sparkles under the rays of light and sometimes you just have to pause and take it in,” Stewart said.

“The environment is dynamic and changes with the seasons, so in the lead up to the winter months we’re tending to the creeks that channel inflows to the reservoir and during spring our focus might be making sure fire trails are accessible.

“The wide range of vegetation and wildlife – from southern brown bandicoots, wedge-tailed eagles to kangaroos and kookaburras – is a good indicator that the catchment is healthy and thriving.”

If you see any of SA Water’s friendly team on your visit to the reserve, make sure you stop to say hello, and ask how you can help them preserve the catchment.

Top right: SA Water’s Myponga team Benjamin Bellen, Steven Pawelski and Stewart Dahms are pleased to share the natural beauty of their workplace with new visitors.