Are you a keen angler who likes to wet a line at one of the five reservoir reserves currently open for recreational fishing?

fish fingerlings

Fishing is one of the exciting activities, including hiking, mountain biking and kayaking, offered at reservoir reserves.

Hundreds of people are already enjoying the mix of recreational fishing experiences available at Warren, South Para, Myponga, Bundaleer and Beetaloo reservoir reserves, and we want to grow this experience for the many recreational anglers the reservoirs attract.

To support fishing at the reservoir reserves, they have been stocked with Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Silver Perch. Rainbow trout and Brown trout have also been released at Bundaleer Reservoir.

Size and bag limits as well as catch and release rules that may be specific to each reservoir reserve apply and these are set out here PIRSA’s website (LINK).

The current rules around fish size and bag limits as well as the current catch and release requirements are currently being reviewed. To inform this review, the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (MRFAC) is keen to hear from the fishing community on the current size and catch requirements as they apply to reservoirs.

A Recreational Fishing in South Australian Reservoirs survey has been released to capture this information to strengthen the MRFAC’s ability to provide sound advice on the topic. This survey can be found here (link)

Your input will help inform fishing limits to ensure that fishing at these sites is both sustainable and an enjoyable experience.

Survey results will be emailed to participants and the results will be made available on the MRFAC website. The results of the survey will be considered at a meeting of the MRFAC in the near future.