Reservoir Rangers at South Para and Myponga reservoir reserves are now powered up and making an impression on visitors.


Their wonderful new wheels - E-Bikes on trial from specialist Adelaide cycle store Will Ride - offer the perfect mix of pedal power and an electric boost for when the going gets tough.
Myponga and South Para based Reservoir Rangers are out and about mixing with and assisting people as they enjoy the increasingly popular public spaces.
The aim of the pilot project is to observe how the modern and sustainable approach of using E-bikes assists with community engagement and it promotes healthy active transport use.
Reservoir Ranger Andrew Vredenburg said the Focus Aventura 2 bikes have made a great difference in their first few weeks of use.

“The electric bikes are pretty cool and fun to use. They are easy to get around on and the speed they can move at makes it really efficient getting to places around the reservoir that we previously couldn’t easily access,’’ Andrew said.
“It also makes it so much better when interacting with people. It’s easy to approach people and have a chat, much better than talking through the window of a vehicle, and a lot of people are very interested in the bikes. They’re a good conversation starter.’’