Use your smartphone to explore more at your reservoir reserves. Happy Valley awaits you with an augmented reality experience and a geocaching trail, and the free offline map app Avenza can enhance your experience at all reservoir reserves open for walking or cycling.

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Explore Water app

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Get exploring and discover the hidden treasures of Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve.

The Explore Water app uses the power of augmented reality to bring the environment to life in a whole new way. Free to install on your smartphone or tablet, the app lets you interact with the smart frames installed at Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve. The interactive games and simulators teach you about our water supply and rich natural environment in an engaging and fun way.

Explore Water is filled with fascinating facts and will help you get to know our native wildlife and discover the crucial role of reservoirs in our drinking water supply. At Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve you will receive challenges and tasks like these:

  • Help our native Banjo Frog find tasty snacks to stay healthy.
  • See how Adelaide’s water supply is adjusted based on changing demand and weather conditions.
  • Learn more about the history of the reservoir reserve, and the many creatures that call it home.
  • Take water through the treatment process as it is cleaned and disinfected to ensure it is safe to drink.

Explore Water is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Download the app here:

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Follow the geocaching trail

This trail has no map and no direction markers, only a starting point. You’ll need to find the route for the 9 kilometre geocaching trail at Happy Valley Reservoir Reserve yourself.

The GPS-driven treasure hunt encourages problem solving, creative thinking and team building to find each of the 12 stops. It can be walked or cycled, and all you need is a GPS-enabled device with a QR code scanner.

The activity is great fun for groups and solo adventurers, and is suitable for kids aged six and above.

Avenza maps

  • Prepare for your trip by downloading the free Avenza app where you can find all reserve maps for access even when you don’t have mobile coverage.
  • Navigate around the reservoir reserve trails: The app has GPS location markers and a compass mode that work offline, helping you pinpoint your location and navigate the designated trails.

Read more about the app and how it will help you make the most of your visit.