Since Myponga Reservoir Reserve opened to the public on 14 April 2019, more than 6,000 people have visited to enjoy, explore and preserve this special place.

Large group running at Myponga

Visitors are enjoying walking, running, cycling and nature-based play activities with local business owners reporting their busiest trading periods ever in the two months since the site opened.

It's wonderful to see people are enjoying this scenic space and the township. Community feedback has helped improve the experience with more information at the entry gates, additional signs about open times, and making it clear that dogs are not permitted due to water quality risks.

Visitors to the Myponga Reservoir Reserve are also enjoying drinking SA Water's great tasting chloraminated tap water. The new tap water fountain is popular, and in the first six weeks since the reserve opened, the amount of drinking water flowing into mouths and reusable drink bottles equals about 1336 standard (750ml) single-use water bottles. That’s great news for the environment with fewer plastic bottles going to landfill.

The reservoir is a beautiful attraction and the community in Myponga is welcoming new visitors with open arms, supporting this burgeoning tourist attraction.

Planning is now underway for recreational access at South Para Reservoir and additional use at Warren Reservoir. Warren is currently open for recreational fishing and your invited to have your say about what other activities you'd like to see here as well as at other reservoir reserves. You can share their views through Water Talks.