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Community shapes the way for Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve

Community input has helped guide the way we are to provide recreational opportunities for all to enjoy within Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve.

Enjoying recreational activities at Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve will be a great way for people to spend time with family and friends outdoors.

Access to green open spaces brings a range of wellbeing benefits, and within Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve there will be new areas to enjoy and explore in your neighbourhood.

nature play

Working with the community

In late 2019, the South Australian government started engaging with the local community and interested stakeholders to progress the election commitment to open Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve to land-based recreational activity.

Local residents mailouts, door knocking the residential streets adjoining the reservoir reserve and community drop in sessions have raised awareness about the initiative to open the reserve, as well as gathered initial ideas and identified areas of interest that neighbours may have.

These early engagement processes identified a range of opportunities to be considered in providing public access including:

  • Types of experiences and activities people would like to see provided at the reservoir reserve
  • Management of impacts on neighbouring residential properties including maintaining views into the reserve, security and privacy, traffic and car parking in nearby streets and visitor behaviour
  • Provision of appropriate infrastructure to support public access such as toilets, signage, car parking and picnic facilities
  • Opportunities to conserve and restore native vegetation and protect wildlife
  • Desire for ongoing engagement about what is being planned for the reservoir reserve.

Community Reference Group

In late March 2020, the Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve Community Reference Group (CRG) was established following an Expression of Interest process and its first of eight meetings was held in April. The CRG comprised of 14 members with a broad range of interests and perspectives working within a Terms of Reference, which included that the reservoir reserve would provide land-based activities only, and that recreation within the reservoir reserve would be balanced with the safeguarding of drinking water supplies.

The CRG worked through a range of information and ideas to help develop the concept plan for the reservoir reserve and realise recreational opportunities. Key considerations of the CRG included:

  • How to manage public access given the interface of the reserve with neighbouring residential properties
  • The opportunity to provide walking and cycling trails throughout the site in addition to visitor access on the dam wall
  • The other types of activities that could enhance visitor use and experience of the reserve such as a nature play area, picnic areas, viewing areas over the water and fitness equipment
  • Infrastructure that would be needed to support visitation such as car parking, toilets, fencing and signage
  • The concept plans illustrated on this page have been developed in response to the guiding design principles as well as feedback from the CRG.

Some of the highlights from the concept plan are shown here.

dam wall

rec and picnic

To see the full concept plan you can download it here

Hope Valley Reservoir Community Partners

As we progress opening Hope Valley Reservoir Reserve to the public, we are looking to create ongoing opportunities to deepen community connection to the space, enhance participation and provide additional value to the local area.

To help with this goal, we are seeking interested community members who would like to be involved in supporting the offerings in an integrated, meaningful and sustainable way.

Our Hope Valley Reservoir Community Partners will work with us to enhance the recreational area and help develop programs within this space .

If you are feeling inspired to lend a hand, please register your interest below, to learn more about the program and keep updated on upcoming events.

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